Crypto Stick is looking for Beta Testers

The developers of the Crypto Stick are working hard to finish its version 1.4. They are looking for volunteers who are willing to help during their beta test.

To cover the production costs of the test device, it will be sold for €50.

[Version 1.4] is of a smaller size and contains an additional one-time-password feature. This enables you to securely login to Google, Dropbox, Amazon Web Service and many more systems compatible to OATH and Google Authenticator. The device will be shipped without casing but you will get free firmware updates, direct support, and the option to exchange it for a final version (with casing) for a discounted price.

For further details, please visit the project homepage.

Use GPG for SSH Logins on Windows — a Problem

Using the most recent version 2.2.1 of Gpg4win, the GnupPG distribution for windows, you are able to use your GPG-keys for ssh-authentication.

In this post, I will show how to setup your environment to do exactly that: use your gpg-keys for ssh-authentication with putty.

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Use GPGTools for SSH-logins on Mac OS X

In this post, I show how you set up your shell environment on a Mac to allow SSH authentication with a GPG key.

This solutions works for multiple shell-instances, even if you close them occasionally or if your Mac went to sleep.

What you need:

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