Ich lebe, arbeite und faulenze in der wunderschönen nordeutschen Großstadt Hamburg. Ich habe in diesem Blog keinen bestimmten Themenfokus, wobei ich wohl am häufigsten über politische Themen und Musik schreibe.

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  1. Nein, ich finde wirklich, dass Blond eine sehr, sehr schöne Farbe ist 😉 Wenn ich hier Alles niederschreiben würde, was diese Farbe mittlerweile persönlich für mich bedeutet, dann würde das etwas den Rahmen sprengen. “Freizeitbeschäftigung” würde dem nicht gerecht werden.

  2. Yes, I’m currently using these features offered by Feedburner. However, there are several issues about them that are a little annoying to me and I was hoping to find an alternative.

    So I think I have to continue my search as you are using a wordpress.com-feature that I won’t be able to use here on my blog 🙁

  3. @Larry: I’m using this code “out of the box” and do not know the details. But I think it works with two Gif-images and and mouseover-effect.

    You can see the first gif with just the face of the German Minister of the Interior. When you mve the over his face, the second peeled image is shown. I think this is done with a plain CSS-rule. You can look it up in the HTML-source-code of my blog.

    Look ou for “AKVS head start v1.5”. Below that, you will find the necessary CSS-rules.

    Just below the opening body-tag, you will find the image-tags of the two images.

  4. hi not sure how to reach you and not sure why my comments keep getting removed. i am only trying to ask a question? I installed your plugin for the blogroll and love it but now its not updating with recent posts its all over the place…any ideas on how to correct this? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey, sorry for keeping you waiting so long 🙁 I have a little new born son and he takes all the time that I used to spend on the plugin and other fancy stuff. I’m already looking for someone to adopt the plugin.

      About your problem: several folks have reported issues like this, but it doesn’t seem to be a general issue. The plugin works fine with a number of other blogs. That’s why it’s so hard to track the problem down. So I have no solution for you at the moment.

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